Hooray for Scholarships!

I applied for a scholarship about a month ago from a hospitality professional organization.  The organization encompasses a wide variety of disciplines - culinary, architecture, hotel management, and interior design.  I saw the scholarship information two days before the due date and rounded up 2 letters of recommendation, a transcript, and a 1.5 page essay, sent it in and promptly forgot about it.

I got a call this week that I was awarded a scholarship! I am SO thrilled - it will cover more than half of my next (and last!) year in school.  I feel so blessed that others are willing to give generously!  I also get to travel to Las Vegas to accept the scholarship at the end of this month, yippee!

My scholarship is sponsored by Roger Thomas, who helped to design the Mirage and the Bellagio in Las Vegas.  He's currently listed in Architectural Digest's list of top 100 designers in the world, up there with the likes of Jennifer Post, Thomas Pheasant, Michael S. Smith, Mariette Himes Gomez, and Alexa Hampton.  He also designs beautiful furniture!  I'm excited to meet him :)

Guest Room in the Bellagio, Las Vegas

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