lazy day...

Today was a complete laze-fest for me.  Yesterday, as I was scrambling to get my skiing stuff ready for a day at Beaver Mountain, I made the amateur decision to walk down my (concrete) stairs to the basement.  I fell, hit my head and back, and sat dumbfounded for a minute before I managed to stand up and totally forget why I was in the basement to begin with.  Blah.

Anyway, I didn't think it was too bad yesterday, and I went skiing and everything.  But today was a different story!  I woke up feeling like a freight train had run me over while I was sleeping... so after I forced myself to finish a design contest entry (due today!), I laid on the sofa, drank copious amounts of tea, and watched movies all afternoon.


I just wish my lazy day could have been a little bit more fun and relaxing and less painful!


Do I usually look like a chipmunk / woodchuck / groundhog when I smile?  Sheesh, I gotta practice in front of a mirror....  I guess people aren't going to be looking at me when there are such cute kids in the photos! 

We visited my brother and sister-in-law's house in Dallas on our way back west.  The first photo is Chris and I with Owen and Eli, the cutest little diaper clad twins I can imagine.  The second (bucktoothed) photo is me and baby Garrett, who I met for the first time! Oh man, what a thunder-chunk.  SO adorable!

1.1 & 1.2 Nashville

Now that I'm back in school full swing, I'm finally posting the rest of our road trip photos! 

On the first day of the new year, Chris and I drove to beautiful Nashville.  I knew we would havea  great time there, but it definitely exceeded our expectations. What a great city!  People were very friendly, it seemed really safe, and boy howdy was the music great. 

We went to Robert's Western World to see a few bands and grab dinner.  A lot of bars and music venues are concentrated on one strip in downtown.  I love the neon signs!


12.29 - Savannah

We had a great time in Savannah staying with friends of a friend from Logan. It was a funny thing, actually -- after spending one evening with them we felt like they were old friends that we'd known forever!  It was a fun time that I didn't photograph very well... so here's a photo of some old row homes in downtown Savannah and a photo of Fort Pulaski, a really cool fort near town.

12.27 - the Everglades

We ended our day in the Everglades by doing a trail run in a coastal prairie ecosystem.... what a beautiful way to end an amazing day!

12.27 - the Everglades

We continued our stay in Florida by driving south to Everglades National Park -- what an amazing place!  We saw so much wildlife, including a couple of crocodiles that we saw as we waited in line for the showers. We did several small hikes throughout the park and got a sense of the diversity in that place. 
Photos: alligator, brown pelican