lazy day...

Today was a complete laze-fest for me.  Yesterday, as I was scrambling to get my skiing stuff ready for a day at Beaver Mountain, I made the amateur decision to walk down my (concrete) stairs to the basement.  I fell, hit my head and back, and sat dumbfounded for a minute before I managed to stand up and totally forget why I was in the basement to begin with.  Blah.

Anyway, I didn't think it was too bad yesterday, and I went skiing and everything.  But today was a different story!  I woke up feeling like a freight train had run me over while I was sleeping... so after I forced myself to finish a design contest entry (due today!), I laid on the sofa, drank copious amounts of tea, and watched movies all afternoon.


I just wish my lazy day could have been a little bit more fun and relaxing and less painful!

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