first quilt: days 2 & 3

Here are all of my photos from days 2 and 3 of my quilting adventure.

I've always been scared and nervous to make a quilt -- and now that I'm almost done piecing the quilt, I'm not sure why I was always so intimidated.  I think it's because I like instant gratification, and making a quilt does not give me that. But it's so much easier than I thought it would be!  Just careful cutting and pressing, and making sure I get the blocks in the right order :)  We'll see if I'm still this positive when I get to binding and quilting it -- I definitely am nervous about that part.

Sorry about the belly shot on this one -- I forgot how short this shirt is! I was so proud that I coordinated with my quilt, though.


  1. your quilt looks great! what pattern are you using?

  2. Nichole - Thanks! I'm using a pattern I got in Joel Dewberry's Deer Valley quilt kit. I tried searching for just the pattern online, but I can't find it anywhere except in the quilt bundle kit.