Today we began our journey.  Four weeks from now, we will have traveled to Albuquerque, Las Cruces, San Antonio, New Orleans, St. Petersburg, the Everglades, Atlanta, Savannah, Charleston, Nashville, Hot Springs National Park, and Dallas!!
We are excited and anxious to begin our trip!  Today we stopped in Moab for lunch and a four mile run on a dirt road and a gorgeous view of the Lasal Mountains.
Chris and I are planning to post here every day or so during our trip -- so if you're not planning any special trip this Christmas break, feel free to live vicariously through us :)


  1. Hey, how was the weekend? You must be enjoying yourselves too much to post pictures & thoughts!
    - Mom

  2. What are you planning to do in Atlanta? We know a lot less about the city than we do the suburbs up north.. but there's plenty to do and see. Marietta has a nice town square, Roswell is cool too. Some great southern bbq places that we really miss too! "Cue" and Smokejack up in Alpharetta are both really good... cue is owned by a family with Pittsburgh roots.

  3. Hi Char! We're actually just passing through Atlanta and won't be spending any time in the city. We're meeting up with a friend just for the evening... but those places sound like they'd be fun! Maybe another time...