Welcome, 2010!

A new year, a new semester.... of course that means new goals! 

I admit, I'm a sucker for making lists.  I go as far as to make a list and include things I've already done just for the satisfaction of crossing off my completed tasks.  Dorky? Incredibly. Satisfying nonetheless? Always!

This year, I'm penning a few goals here and I hope I'll be able to feel the satisfaction that comes with crossing things off my list in the upcoming months.
  • Run the Salt Lake City half marathon in April.  I did it last year, and this year I'm aiming to beat my last   year's time.  Also, find a buddy to do it with, since my last running partner moved to Fairbanks! (Any takers?)
  • Sell 2,000 patterns!  This one could be a stretch...  This isn't so much a financial oriented goal, but a commitment to stay on track with my pattern business and push myself to develop interesting, creative sewing patterns that are desirable to my lovely customers.
  • Land an interior design internship in a city I could see myself living in after I graduate. (Seattle? Boston? Chicago? Albuquerque? Pittsburgh?)
What are your goals for 2010?

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