blast from the past!

So, I used to just sell finished bags at my Etsy shop, which I called Sparrow Originals.  The remnants of that adventure can still be found here.  (I should just get rid of it all ready!).  If you're curious, just peek in the sold items to see my bags!

But then. School happened!  And I got very very busy.  Here's a neat little package of a website showcasing some of my work from the past couple years that's been keeping me busy.

I just realized that my old blog is still up!  Haha.  It's funny reading back and looking at my old photos - like a yearbook! Oh man.  I am such a dork.  And sometimes I don't realize it until I look back on it years later :)

I take that back, I totally know I'm a dork.  And I'm learning to embrace it, cause dorks are cooler than cool people.

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