first quilt: day 4

I'm done with my quilt top!  It's been slow going, since there are so many other things going on right now that take precedence, but I'm getting there! (Sorry about the poor photo quality...)

I purchased my batting and the material for the back of my quilt, and I hope to finish the whole thing over spring break (only one more week of school - YES!).

I love the quilt backs that Steffani posts over in her blog, so I think I will use her quilt backs from this blog post as my inspiration.  I would use a green as my solid, then use scraps leftover from the quilt top to piece together an off centered row.  What do you think?  Should I just use the solid, and not do the piecing?

My other dilemma is choosing a thread color for quilting. I'm worried that the first time I quilt won't be super amazing, so if I choose white thread, every little blip will be visible from the back because of the green.  I thought of doing white thread on top and using a green bobbin thread, but then I'm concerned that any change in thread tension might cause little pricks of green thread poking through the front, or little spots of white thread on the back.  ALSO, I don't have a walking foot!  I went to my local Bernina dealer, and the walking foot for my Bernina are way more expensive than I anticipated. Help!

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  1. The top looks beautiful! I like the strips of white making the smaller pieces look like larger ones... That's an interesting idea to use leftovers in a creative way within the backing. If you have time and enough scraps, I'd say go for it! It will add to the interest if you ever want to use the back as the front. I'm afraid I'm not much help with the stitching, but don't you think the peeking of green stitches to the front or of white to the back will eventually disappear with a washing or two when it's not so flat and new looking? Maybe it won't matter. I'm interested to hear what others say.