weekend getaway

Chris and I have one car.  We've been married for almost 5 years now (anniversary in just a few weeks!) and we had two cars for about 10 months several years ago, but then went back down to one again. Most of the time it works out perfectly... but it's been slightly more challenging in a bigger city and when Chris needs the car Monday through Friday to drive to Boulder for work. I am thankful that I live so close to my job -- only 1.5 miles away!

So, on Friday, I drove Chris to Boulder (45 minutes), drove back into Denver (45 minutes) to get the car registered (4 different lines and 3 hours -- aargh!!), drove back to Boulder (45 minutes), and got my DMV aggression out with a hike. It was a rigorous uphill trail and I was rewarded with great views of Boulder at the top.

On Saturday, I had a day off work!  Chris and I journeyed up to Rocky Mountain National Park, and I was surprised that it is only an easy hour and 45 minutes away.  Yay!  I foresee many trips there in the future.

We tried to avoid the midsummer weekend crowds as much as possible and opted for a 12 mile through hike and linked up several different trails.  The park has a shuttle system, which was awesome, so we didn't have to backtrack at all.  We started by hiking to Bierstadt Lake, then over to Odessa Lake and Fern Lake.  It was beautiful... water pouring off of snowfields and creating impromptu waterfalls down the sides of granite cliffs.  We walked through snow for a bit, and lost the trail a time or two because of it, but I was glad because it discouraged the less adventurous folks from continuing down our same path.

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  1. Beautiful! I'm glad you two still live close to mountains and hiking places -- :) -- and that you and Chris had some nice time together.