portfolio or laptop case

I put together a portfolio for my interior design work, but I had a hard time convincing myself to pay a ridiculous amount of money for an ugly case to put it in.  I decided to make my own case, and I'm happy with the results!  

I didn't want it to look too "crafty" and I wanted it to look modern and clean.  I chose to use Dritz snaps (I love these things, I need to post a tutorial about how to install them because it's just so darn easy and satisfying!). I used fabric that I had on hand -- a heathered gray shirting fabric for the outside, and a mustard linen cotton blend for the inside.  I made sure a bit of the mustard was peaking out from the inside to add a decorative element.

I could also see this design being used for a laptop case or IPad case, or even as a cover for a journal or sketchbook.

What do you say, would you like to see a tutorial?

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