Tutorial: How to Make an Adjustable Strap

Step-by-step instructions to create an adjustable strap for your handbag.  Use this technique for almost any bag that has a single strap – especially the Pleated Messenger bag!

1. Determine strap length.  Decide how long you want your strap to be by draping a measuring tape across your body and noting where you would like the bag to hang when the strap is fully extended. Add 8” to this length. Sew the strap according to pattern directions.

    2. Attach O-Ring. Then, cut off 4” from the strap you just sewed.  Fold this section in half widthwise and slide on the o-ring.  Baste or pin the cut ends together.

3.   Attach Slider. Next, attach the slider to the remaining portion of the strap. Loop the strap over the center bar of the slider, folding it over approximately 2”. Stitch in place.

4.  Put it All Together. Now feed the long part of the strap through the o-ring and thread it through the slider piece.  Now you have one continuous strap.  Double check the length of the strap by draping it across your body where you would like the bag to hang and adjust the length as necessary. Continue following the pattern directions to attach the strap to the bag.

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