embroidery project

I started this embroidery project back in December, when Chris and I began our 4 week long road trip through the southeast US.  The plan was that by the time we looped around Florida and headed back west towards Dallas to visit my brother, I would have three completed initial embroidery projects for each of my three little nephews.  Well, that didn't quite happen, and then my last semester of school started and school and quilt market became my priorities.  

I got to see the boys again a couple weeks ago during my family's triennial vacation in Arkansas (photos here).  I finally finished them!!  Care for a peak?  [ O is for Owen, E for Eli, G for Garrett ]


  1. they are adorable! is this your own pattern?

  2. Thank you! Well, it is my own pattern in that I made it up and didn't use someone else's design... but I haven't committed it to paper or anything.

  3. These are so gorgeous! I'm trying to decide which one is my favorite...hmm, I'm thinking perhaps the octopus, although they are all so adorable!