weekend in the prairie

Chris and I went northeast to the Pawnee National Grasslands for our first getaway together since moving to Denver.  It's funny to me that we went east to the plains instead of west to the mountains, but the Rockies had tons of snow this weekend, which leaves camping areas sparse and crowded this early in the summer.

The grassland was beautiful.... I had never quite ventured into this sort of terrain, and the beauty of it and life that it held caught me off guard.   Did you know that grasslands remove more carbon dioxide from the air than rainforests?

We hiked to the Pawnee Buttes, then drove dirt roads through the grasslands to find the perfect camping spot, investigating windmills and wildlife in between.


  1. Such great photos! America the Beautiful! and I love that it looks like you just camped in the middle of nowhere.

  2. I've been trying to comment on these photos since the day you posted them...They are beautiful!!

  3. Thank you, Katie Jean and Toni! Yes, it was great -- we were camping in the middle of nowhere! Just a couple of cows, antelopes, and coyotes to keep us company :)