Arkansas family vacation

Not the typical family vacation spot, but Arkansas was a pleasant surprise.  It was hot but not unbearable, and the rivers and lakes were just perfect for recreating.  We swam, floated, and boated in several bodies of water during our stay.  I traveled there to meet up with my two older brothers and their wives, 3 little boy nephews, and my mom and dad.  Unfortunately, Chris wasn't able to be there because of work obligations... he sure missed out!

Here are a couple of highlights:

Horseback riding with the women... here I am with Buddy :)

Lazy river floating outside our back door.

A heron or crane during our boating expedition on Lake Ouichita.

Jumping off the boat into amazing warm water!

Petting zoo in Hot Springs... we got to see the alligators eat their lunch of raw chicken!

The goats sure liked my shorts.

We found teeny tiny little frogs down by the river on one of the last days... they couldn't have been longer than 1/4 inch!

Lake Ouichita.

I held a baby alligator!

So did Garrett, but he was not as amused.

Goats jumping all over me!

Toni and I admiring the view...

The river outside the back door.

The twins, Owen and Eli, throwing rocks into the river.

Eli doing a funny little dance after he threw .the rocks into the water

Owen choosing his next rock to throw.

I'm totally embarrassed by my ghost white legs, but Garrett is cute enough to make me want to include this photo.

Driving the boat!

The fam, minus Chris.

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