a little policy announcement!

First, the announcement!

I am now allowing finished products made from my patterns to be sold!  

Now, the backstory...

I've had a ton of requests from fellow Etsy sellers who wanted to purchase my sewing patterns to create finished pieces to sell in their shops.  For a while, I decided against this -- mostly because I used to sell my own finished products, and didn't want to rule out that possibility again in the future.  Basically, if I decided to go back to making bags to sell in an online venue, I didn't want to have all that competition!

The truth of it is that I had a lot of success with my handmade bags.  I sold them at craft fairs, farmers' markets, on Etsy, to friends, in consignment shops, etc.  It was a great experience, and it kept me busy!  But, over time, I realized that I'm just not cut out for production sewing work.  It made me neglect my own personal sewing projects, and interfered with designing new patterns.  It just made me appreciate sewing less and less the longer I did it.  Well, I wanted to enjoy sewing again, so that in a nutshell is why I decided to forgo selling finished goods and concentrate on the patterns. 

.... and the details!

I would honored to be a part of your handmade small business!  Whether you choose one pattern to sew and sell, or five, it would be a privilege to be a part of your sewing venture.  There are only two things that I request:  

1. Please credit the pattern design to me. A link to www.jengiddens.com is always appreciated.  You may use wording such as: "This item was made using a Jen Giddens Pattern (www.jengiddens.com)."

2. All items for sale must be handmade by your.  This means that the bags can not be mass produced.

Of course, please contact me if you have any questions about this policy change!  I look forward to being a part of your handmade business :)

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