a lovely little display at Stitchology

Everywhere I've lived since really getting into sewing, I've been blessed with wonderful sewing and fabric shops.  When I lived in Logan, Utah I drove up to the tiny town of Preston, Idaho just for Suppose.  In Denver, Colorado I loved visiting the ladies of Fancy Tiger.  When my husband and I moved back to Albuquerque after spending five years away, I was pleased to discover that several new quilt shops had popped up, among those is Stitchology.

 I've mentioned the sewing shop Stitchology a couple of times, both here on the blog on on my Facebook page.  I guess when you find something good, you just want to shout it out for all the world to hear!  Well, I know a lot of you who read this blog aren't from Albuquerque, and you may not have plans to visit here anytime soon (although you should... it can be magical). BUT, I still want to say that Stitchology is a great spot to go for a variety of fabrics -- I love that she sells all kinds of fabrics for garment sewing, including knits, lace, tweeds, etc.  Of course, this is along with all of the wonderful quilting weight fabrics as well.  Melisa, the owner of Stitchology, is SUPER knowledgeable about everything that she sells, and she is quick to share her know-how with anyone who needs some sewing advice.

Anyway, Melisa was kind enough to allow me to display several of my finished products in her front window over the last month or so!  It was really hard to get good pictures -- tricky lighting + iPhone camera + amateur photographer didn't quite get me the results I wanted.  Oh well, the display itself turned out lovely even if my photos aren't!


Sunburst Sling bag

NEW!! This is my still unnamed bag, still in the works. Help?!

Button Flap Purse

Pleated Tote

Pocket Tote

Pocket Tote

Pleated Tote

I forgot to get a shot of the super cute bunting that we strung across the front windows.  It's made with my leftover advertising fliers from Quilt Market.  So cute -- I'll have to get a photo of it next time I stop in.  Which will undoubtedly be, like, tomorrow ;)

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