Brand New Pattern... the Zippy Bag!

I'm so excited to introduce my latest pattern -- the Zippy Bag!

This little lady is larger than she appears.  She's been known to carry my bike lock and water bottle around town in the main compartment, and my keys, wallet, phone, and chapstick in the two handy-dandy zipper pockets on the exterior.  She's smaller than many of my other bags, but when you don't need to bring the whole house with you, she's the one for the job.

I loved sewing this one with David Butler's Parson Gray line.  The palette is neutral enough to coordinate with a lot, but the patterns are interesting enough to give it a little excitement. 

She's off to the printer pretty soon, and in no time she'll be ready for you to snaggle up in my Etsy shop, or at  your local quilt shop. (What, they don't carry my patterns? Silly. Ask them nicely for me, would you?)


  1. Hi Jen,Love your Zippy Bag, I saw Maria's post about it. I was wondering when it is available to purchase.
    Thank You,

  2. Hi Natalie,

    It's still in production, and it'll be another week or two. I'll announce it on my blog and on my Facebook page as soon as it's ready!

    Thank you so much for your interest and support!